Once I had the WordPress hat project in motion I knew I wanted to do something else while I waited the 8 weeks for the hats to be completed. The WordPress swag game is dominated by apparel so I wanted to try something a little different.

I’m a big fan of Scoutbooks and when I saw a tweet of theirs where they mentioned their friends over at Spooltown I knew I had to check them out. Spooltown in a neat little sewing factory up in Portland.

I reached out to them and they let me know that they were just putting together their catalog and taking pictures of the different products that they manufacture.


So instead of waiting patiently I just mercilessly bugged Dana over at Spooltown until she sent me over the materials. They do quite a bit of really neat stuff but I thought for the first order I would do something simple and so I went with the accessory pouch.

I initially wanted to go crazy and do bright blue canvas with white tape but sourcing blue canvas in small quantities proved to be difficult so I went with two color schemes a black canvas/white tape combo and a natural canvas/bright blue tape combo.

I think they turned out pretty well and Spooltown was very easy to work with (well except they made me send in a check :) ). They have such a variety of product lines that I could definitely see myself working with them again.