Back in 2015 we got the word that we weren’t getting any Christmas gifts from work. That really bothered me so I looked through my idea book to see what I could get into production quickly so there would be something cool for my coworkers to have for Christmas. I few weeks earlier I had commissioned this design on a lark. Ugly christmas sweater stuff was all the rage so I thought why not let wapuu get in on the action. I think it turned out pretty great and is one of my favorite pieces.


I had also thrown around the idea of doing some wapuu holiday ornaments. I already had a good relationship with a manufacturer of custom cut/printed acrylic in Texas and I knew they would do a good job on making some ornaments. The design was done by Scott Evans and I tweaked the colors a bit. It was a real pain finding pretied ribbons for them but in the end it turned out alright and people really dug them.