Winning at swag

I saw this today and I’ll admit hearing things like this said about other brands makes me jealous. Insanely jealous, so jealous that it keeps me up at night.
Winning at swag

New adventure: Desktop CNC

I’m always on the lookout for my next great adventure. There is nothing better than learning something new, something unlike anything I’ve done before. This week I decided to buy an Othermill. I’ve wanted one for a long time but I just kept making excuses. I finally pulled the trigger and I couldn’t be more excited. Not sure what I’ll be making but I can guarantee that I’m be machining wapuu into all sorts of different materials. My Othermill is currently in SLC and should be here by Tuesday. That will give me about a week of vacation left to really dig into it. If you have any ideas of things I should make let me know.

Daily Copy

I’m starting a new project tomorrow. In 2016 I’m trying to push myself a bit more. One thing that I really want to become better at is copywriting.

What I’m going to do it take a block of text that I’ve seen somewhere (probably Automattic based to start) and rewrite it. That’s it. I think if I do that for the next year there is no way I wouldn’t become better at it.

There has to be a secret formula to getting people to respond to my words and I’m going to find it. You can find my experiment over on I’ve never attempted something like this before and I’m excited to see how long I can make it last.

WooCommerce design for sale

I’m an idiot. I didn’t realize that I couldn’t sell WooCommerce themes/extensions but I really should have. The extensions aren’t that big of a deal as I only have my time invested (they are open sourced here) but my WooCommerce theme is another matter.  I paid a designer $500 to create the design. While I could still make the theme and release it for free I had really hoped to sell enough copies to break even (my goal in every business venture 🙂 ). I’m trying to be better with my money and I can’t take a $500 loss right now.

My plan for the theme was to bring Shopify level ease of use to WooCommerce. I’ve used a bunch of themes and I think they all suffer from the same problems. They are too hard to set up and require too many stock photos to look good. This theme was my attempt to solve that. All you need to do is add a product or two, activate the theme, and you are done. It was suppose to be the pinnacle of simplicity.

I had four pages designed. The homepage (which also serves as the category view), the blog page, the single post view, and the single product view. I’m looking for a best offer as close to $500 as I can get. Any funds I recover from this project will be put into my Othermill fund. If you are interested leave a comment here and I’ll show you the rest of the pages.

Jedi wapuu

Me and wapuu went to see Star Wars on Thursday. He was really excited about it and insisted on wearing his jedi robes. Funny enough he wasn’t the strangest sight there.