review: midsomer murders | picture of innocence

I’ve started listening to the film photography podcast and on an episode I they mentioned an episode of the Midsomer Murders show that is pretty hilarious and is worth a watch, especially if you are a film shooter.

In the build-up to Luxton Deeping’s annual photographic exhibition, a battle rages between the traditional and digital photographers of the pretty village. The dispute seems harmless enough – until Lionel Bell is found murdered in a nearby woodland, strangled with the cord of his light meter. Barnaby soon gets to work tracking down the killer, but it seems someone is trying to implicate the detective in the murder. And once he is replaced on the case, finding the culprit seems less likely than ever. But who is trying to frame Barnaby? Was Lionel’s murder related to artistic differences? And where is the victim’s long-lost wife now?

review: retro camera review

So I’ve always had a thing for old film cameras. They are beautiful and awesome and I love having them around. I was given a collection of them by my grandpa and I’ve added to it over the years. I’ve flirted with actually using them to take photos but never really got serious about it. Due to a recent camera purchase at a thrift store I caught the bug again and I wanted to start shooting some film.

To learn more about shooting film I went to Youtube and there I found this guy Daniel Lachman who makes some really awesome videos about retro cameras. It’s equal parts educational and entertaining. If you have even a slight interest in film photography you should really check him out.

review: plastic galaxy

So this whole retro toy thing is still pretty new to me. Growing up I had a handful of ninja turtles and that was about it. As a child of the 90’s the action figure craze was pretty much over during my childhood. I was more into computers and video games. So it’s a understatement to say that my knowledge of 80’s toys is pretty limited.

But I’m always looking for ways to educate myself so when I saw this documentary listed on Hulu I stopped everything I was doing and watched it. I found it to be pretty interesting. It’s more of an overview and you don’t really get all that much information on specific toys and such but I feel more well versed in all things Kenner Star Wars than before I watched it so I consider that a win.

You can watch it for free on Hulu.