Branding Experiments

I really like making swag. While I may not look it I consider myself a creative person and making swag gives me a creative outlet that I don’t have at work or anywhere else in my personal life. It is actually one of the very few things that I really enjoy and never tire of. Its so exciting coming up with an idea in your head and working on it until you have a physical object in your hand.

The only trouble I’m having is lately I’m getting the vibe that people think that this hobby of mine is pretty weird. They see swag as something that is neat but not at all necessary. While I’ll admit I have been doing this just for fun I believe there are practical business applications for swag and that swag should be part of any companies marketing strategy. The problem is that swag has an image problem, which I have inherited. So i’m in the process of doing some in-depth research into marketing and promotional items to change my image from crackpot to marketing genius :).

As part of this strategy I’ve started a new site, (still a work in progress). While on a plane back from San Francisco I thought to myself photographers, graphic designers, etc all have portfolios why can’t I have one with my branding efforts. It might also come in handy if Automattic ever advertises for a CSO (Chief Swag Officer). Eventually I’m going to add a blog portion where I will share insights from the research I’ve been doing in the hopes of changing people’s opinion about swag.

New Office

My dad let me and my brother take half of the basement at his shop to use as an office so I have begun spending my savings on some office stuff. While my brother is more practical and spent his money on things like office supplies and furniture I decided that I since I need every little for web development I would spend my money on electronics. So this is what I decided to buy. A surround sound system, Samsung 42″ 3D TV, and tv stand. I also needed something for the walls so why not the original movie posters of a few of my favorite 80’s movies, Real Genius and WarGames.