I’m so spoiled. Someday it would be fun to actually use my education so I thought I need to start learning some things so I looked around and found a book called the New Practitioner’s Guide to Intellectual Property¬†and I decided to purchase it. Imagine my horror when I discovered that I could only order it from the ABA website and not Not only did I have to actually pay for shipping, it is going to take a whole three days to get here ūüôā .

My Little Monster

My favorite anime of the fall season on Crunchyroll is My Little Monster. It is so funny and I really like the main character who is just a misunderstood guy who desperately wants to make friends. A few of the jokes get lost in translation but overall its a solid show.

From Wikipedia:

My Little Monster focuses on the relationship between Shizuku Mizutani, who has absolutely no interests except in studying and her plans for the future, and a boy named Yoshida Haru, who sits next to Shizuku in class but rarely attends school. After Shizuku is tasked with delivering class printouts to Yoshida’s home, she meets Yoshida, who immediately greets her as a friend, starting their new relationship.

Manga App

I love the Viz Manga app. It makes reading manga so much easier and I like that the digital versions are 1/2 the price of the paper versions. The latest volume of Bakuman (my favorite manga) came out today and I had it on my iPad in minutes. I wish someone would make a similar service for jdramas.

Densha Otoko

Just finished watching Densha Otoko and I loved it. It was a great way to get back into jdramas. I really need to find a way to get to Japan.


This is probably my OCD talking but it bugs me how the widgets aren’t all lined up in nice neat rows, you think there would be some way to fix this.

Dealing with Change

I’m not really adapting well to life after college. I’m just not sure what to do with myself. Things that I use to enjoy in the past don’t seem fun anymore. What I would actually like to do is get a part-time job in addition to my awesome full time job here on but not surprisingly most law firms don’t want to hire a part time lawyer fresh out of law school who doesn’t know much. Everybody wants experience which is next to impossible to get as everybody wants experience ūüôā .

I’ve been throwing around the item of getting into vinyl as a hobby. It seems like a logical extension of my love for minidiscs but from my cursory look it seems to be an expensive hobby.

I guess I’ll figure something out eventually ūüôā .

Sleeping in Dulles

I just got back from the Core Happiness Meetup in Amsterdam and I had a total blast (which I will write about later). The only bad part of the whole trip was the flight(s) back. I thought it might be fun to write up a blog post about it so I can look back on it later and laugh (not there yet ūüôā ).


I was worried about missing my flight so I decided to get there extra early so I got to the airport around 7:00 am for my 11:15am flight. Once I got there I checked the board to see which gate I needed to go to and next to my flight was the word “geannuleerd” which turned out to be the dutch word for cancelled.

I then made my way to the United customer service desk and talked with someone there who told me that my flight was cancelled and I was rebooked on an earlier flight that was going to Dulles at 10:15am. That gave me just enough time to get a souvenir for my little sister and get to the right gate. My new itinerary would take me from Amsterdam to Washington to Chicago to Sioux Falls. It would add three hours on to my trip but what could I do. On the flight I was sitting next to a kid who has also been headed to Chicago too but was rebooked on this flight when it was cancelled who told me that he has taken the Chicago flight many times since attending school in the Netherlands and it has a history of mechanical problems as it was an older plane. On this flight there was a family sitting across the aisle with a little baby that was so well behaved it was scary. The dad said the secret was an iPad + the Baby Einstein App.

Want More?


I think my OCD might be taking over. This morning I seriously considered selling my car on Craiglist so I could buy a Retina MacBook Pro to take Retina screenshots for the support site ūüôā .

As of yesterday I hadn’t even heard of but it turns out they have some pretty neat original web series.

I need to get out more

I just took a look at my Instagram stream and I¬†realized¬†that 95% of my pictures take place inside my room. I guess I need to get out more ūüôā .

Making Assumptions

This week I went by the local PC store that was going out of business and picked up a used Thinkpad T60. I’ve recently rediscovered my minidisc collection and the software used to burn minidiscs only runs on Windows ūüôĀ . I do have a Windows 7 VM on my MacBook but I got tired of the judgmental noises my MacBook kept giving me when I would open up Windows 7 on a daily basis so I decided to get a dedicated minidisc burning machine.

When I bought the computer the litte sign next to it said it had built in wifi and the computer had all sorts of stickers and lights reinforcing my belief that it did indeed have built in wifi. When I got home and booted it up I noticed that Windows said that there were no network adaptors. I checked the device manager and there was no wireless network card listed. I checked to make sure that the little wireless switch was on and I checked the bios to make sure that the wifi wasn’t turned off but there was still no wifi.

I was stumped so I decided to crack it open and see what was going on. One thing I do have to say about the T60 is how¬†ridiculously¬†simple it is to open up. After about 2 mins and 5 screws I was able to remove the top case and the keyboard and I discovered the problem. The internal wireless card has been removed. So while the machine did¬†originally¬†have wifi it didn’t anymore as the card was removed.¬†After a quick trip to Ebay I had a replacement card for about $7.00.

I can guarantee you that when I purchased the machine it hasn’t even crossed my mind that someone may have removed the wifi card. While this was probably a pretty safe assumption on my part it got me thinking about what other assumptions I make on a daily basis. Most of them probably turn out to be true so I don’t really notice them but I probably make way too many of them. Anyway, maybe I will be a little more cautious in the future and make fewer assumptions. We’ll see ūüôā .

Fragile Nature of the Net

You¬†probably¬†have figured out by now that I have¬†rediscovered¬†my minidisc collection. In the past week I have been searching the net trying to find out various things about minidiscs which has been a bit hard as their hay days were quite a few years ago but what I am finding increasingly is lots of broken links. I’ll find links to message boards that no longer exist or broken images that point to a defunct image sharing site.

I find this really sad. There were probably thousands of conversations, images, and such that are now gone forever. What I discovered this week is that the Internet is very fragile. One missed domain or web hosting payment and everything can be lost. I found references to many sites that were hailed as the best minidiscs sites out there that are now gone and their domains are now pointed to sad, cheesy, landing pages for some sketchy domain company.

I wish there was some way to preserve these sites. I know there are projects like and such but I wish there was something I could do. It has been said that we create something like five exabytes of data everyday but I wonder how much data is lost on a daily basis.

This also reminds me of Gowalla. Last year I was able to attend WordCamp San¬†Francisco¬†(bummed I won’t be going this year ūüôĀ ) and I was having too much fun to stop and take pictures or anything so my only real record of the trip were my Gowalla check ins. However, when Gowalla shut down I lost all those check ins and was unable to move them somewhere else. While this loss isn’t¬†catastrophic I still would have liked to have them to remember my first trip to San¬†Francisco.

This is one reason why I am trying to make my blog my digital hub. I am trying to feed everything from the other sites I use into my blog and then¬†disseminate¬†it from there as I like knowing that all my data is safe and secure in one place, that I can export and save if it looks like the service is going under (which I don’t think will be problem with

Anyway this post serves really no purpose except for me to mourn the loss of years of minidisc info but hopefully somebody will come up with a solution for preserving the internet in the future and hopefully I can be a part of it.

Fighting Distractions

I have to admit that I have a problem getting distracted, which is why I am using the Distraction Free Writing feature of WordPress to write this post :). Lately I’ve tried a few things that seem to help. First, I use to have Sparrow open all the time and¬†every time¬†I saw the Sparrow logo turn blue I would¬†immediately¬†rush to my inbox to find a brand new piece of junk¬†mail. Now I am trying to only open Sparrow once very few hours.¬†I’m also trying to unplug completely for at least an hour each day which is really hard for me but is also very beneficial.

While this has all been very helpful my biggest problem is my dependence on my iPhone. I have everything on there email, books, web, WordPress App, music, etc. This is a big distraction for me. I don’t get very many phone calls so it wouldn’t hurt to be away from it for long periods of time but the only thing I would really miss is my music. Today while going through all my boxes of crap I ran across my old minidisc player and I decided to fill it up and give it a whirl. This way I can still listen to music without all the distractions that come with my iPhone. I’m probably crazy and it might not work out but I’ll give it a try.