finds: mini basketball hoop

I have fond memories of playing mini basketball with my brother. Now back in the day I was a nerf man but when I saw this koosh hoop at the thrift store I knew I had to get it. It’s really well made, much better than the nerf hoops I had and you gotta love that 90’s color scheme. But I think koosh balls are ridiculous so I’m using a nerf mini basketball with mine. If you ever find yourself in South Dakota come by for a pick up game 🙂 .

finds: heroes & villains

I was doing my daily etsy search for cool shit when I came across a listing for a “lot of 5 vintage 1980s kenner action figures”. I knew that kenner made some super hero action figures back in the 80’s but beyond that I had no clue what was there. What I did know is that the seller was only asking $10 shipped for the 5 figures which was a no brainer price for me. Earlier this week the figures arrived and I set out to find out exactly what I had.

So I did a little research and it looks like I actually had figures from two different lines. The DC Super Powers collection came out in the 1980’s and was made by Kenner. The name of the series came from the fact that each figure had a special action (super power) that would trigger when a figure’s arms or legs were squeezed. I also have some figures from the Marvel Secret Wars line which were produced by Mattel around the same time. The Secret Wars line was known for it’s terrible accessory, the lenticular shield, that came with every figure.

Of the five figures I had Flash and Hawkman from the Series One of the Super Powers Collection and Baron Nemo, Doctor Octopus, and Doctor Doom from the Secret Wars line. The figures were definitely well loved but I’m super happy to add them to my collection. Since both lines were pretty short lived I think I might try to compete them if I can find the rest of the figures cheap.