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Small businesses seem to be a prime target for platforms these days. I love watching the different ads and messaging they come up with. I think many of these campaigns were created by people with very little experience with small businesses.

To me its like they hired a brilliant painter to paint a landscape of Miami. But here is the catch, this painter has never been to Miami, he’s never even seen a photo of Miami. What he has done is listened to Miami by Will Smith (a lot). He feels like he’s gotten a pretty good picture of Miami from that song. He goes and paints this landscape that is amazing but looks nothing like Miami.

I’m a small business owner. I’m writing this blog post in between changing out the cases in my phone case factory. Picture about every 50 words I write I have to stop and change out the phone cases and then get back to writing. That’s what running a small business is, going about your day and fitting things in where ever you can.

Here are some of the things small business folks want:

  • Something taken off their plate
  • Someone to talk to when things go wrong
  • Some way to drum up new business
  • Something you will never have to worry about

If you create messaging that evokes the above feelings, you’ll get people to click on your ads.

I honestly believe the two most important traits for marketing folks are creativity and empathy. If you don’t have them your ads aren’t going to speak to people and they won’t click. But what do I know 🙂 .

One thought on “Small Business Messaging

  1. Another Nice basic way of looking at this is what are the features and benefits of your offering.

    * what does it do?
    * why use it over anything else?

    You can also plan incentives to help close the sale, but these are like health-packs for gamers, or energy snacks for athletes and shouldn’t be a de-facto. They’ll sap your margins and stacking them may eliminate any benefit of doing business if used without consideration and forethought.

    * what enticements to service can you offer (how long for)?

    To be clear incentives should never be long-term, or they are simply benefits!

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