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I’m getting together my Q1 projects and there is something I’m really excited to tackle. For the last few years it seems like WordPress is trying really hard to shake off it’s blogging roots. People think for WordPress to be considered for things like ecommerce or apps, people need to stop thinking about it as a blogging platform. This makes me sad, I like blogging. My blog is one of my most prized possessions.

Blogging themes are considered themes that aren’t any another type of theme. Does the theme support WooCommerce, than it’s an ecommerce theme. Does it have a portfolio post type, then it’s a portfolio theme. If it doesn’t have any special features than it just must be a blogging theme. I think most people consider blogging themes as WordPress themes without features. I don’t see a lot of theme that are engineered just for blogging. I want to change that.

I’m working on my first blogging theme that should hopefully should be released sometime in January. To promote this back to blogging movement I’ve registered It’s going to be a blog that promotes blogging by telling you why you shouldn’t be blogging (reverse psychology FTW). I’m going to use this new blogging theme on the site as well as have it available to download. Below is an example of the kind of content you can expect.

Blogging is great for professional development. It gives you an opportunity to let future employers know that you have a solid grasp of the material in your field, have ideas, and can articulate yourself well. It also ensures that there is something about you online other than your awkward photos from spring break or your long time twitter feud with Snap (from the Rice Krispies).

But honestly why would you want to land your dream job. Getting that job means you’ll have to move out of your parent’s basement. You’ll be denied the opportunity to sleep in a twin bed. You’ll miss out on all those great conversations with your mailman on why you moved back home after college. If you start making money you’ll no longer be able to eat the best food of all time, instant ramen. So if for some crazy reason you think that financial independence and proper nutrition are appealing I guess you should give blogging for professional development a try.

I also want to promote that blogging is perfectly acceptable for normal everyday thoughts. I’ve noticed that people will say whatever they feel like on social media but on their blog they feel like everything on there has to resemble a college term paper. All posts must be thoroughly researched and have 75 footnotes. Let’s stop with the philosophizing and just be you. Talk about things that you like or are important to you. Blog like you tweet. I think every needs a blog and I’m going to make it happen.

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