League of Independent Theme Sellers

From what I hear it’s getting harder and harder for theme shops to sell themes. I had an idea on how to fix this.

What if all the independent shops teamed up? Before you get all up in arms I’m not talking about merging all the companies together. What I was thinking was creating a marketplace like themeforest that independent shops can apply to become a part of.

The main difference from themeforest is the site will just let people search for and see the themes but send them to the individual shops to actually make the purchases. These shops would then contribute an equal amount to a shared advertising pool that would be used to market the site.

This would be beneficial for a variety of reasons. For the shops it will help them get exposure that they wouldn’t get normally. If the plan works this site would be ranked pretty highly whenever people search for WordPress themes in google. The more themes a site has the more attractive it will be to perspective theme purchasers. If done right it could become the first stop for WordPress themes on the web.

It would also be great for the community as we would now have a place to send people where they can find really great themes. Members of the league would be vetted and only shops who code things correctly, have great support, etc would be allowed to join.

For me the WordPress gold rush is over but I think there is still a bunch of money to be made in the WordPress community if you are smart about it.

It’s an exciting time to be part of the WordPress community.

One thought on “League of Independent Theme Sellers

  1. I think this is a great idea and could be even something to propose to the core themes review team. With some rules and regulations around what themes could be accepted there, and a proper and fair exposure system to feature themes, this could be something great living in .org/themes/premium/

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