My Othermill workflow

I bought an Othermill about a month ago and while I haven’t been using it as much I would have liked, I really do like it. The team at Other Machine Co has done an amazing job making the mill and the software that interfaces with it (Otherplan) very easy to use. I was really surprised, I expected there to be more headaches. However, there is one area where I’ve struggled, with the CAM software. There are basically two options either using some really awful looking but easyish to use Windows software or really complex web based software. I have no ambition to become a machinist. I’m just looking to play around with something new and cutting edge so I really didn’t want to invest a ton of time in learning these really complex pieces of software.

EaselAfter playing around for a while I found a workflow that works great for me. I basically go from Illustrator (.svg) — Easel — Otherplan. To me Easel is basically the direction that CAM/CAD software needs to go. It’s web based, modern, and unbelievably easy to use. I can do all the heavy lifting in Illustrator (which I’m familiar with) and turn out designs really quickly.

While it’s made for Inventables line of machines you can use it with the Othermill by downloading the generic g-code. You can find it under the Machine –> Advanced menu. Someday I’ll give the more advanced software another try but now I’m happy with my workflow and hopefully will have some free time to turn out something fun real soon.

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