Winning at swag

I saw this today and I’ll admit hearing things like this said about other brands makes me jealous. Insanely jealous, so jealous that it keeps me up at night.

I want people to say that about WordPress. I want people to equate our brand with super amazing and fun stuff. This consumes most of my waking hours. It’s 6am on Christmas Eve, I’m watching CBGB on Netflix and all I can think about is how I want to make 70’s inspired WordPress gear. Do you know how frustrating it is to have all this passion and nowhere to put it? Having to beg and plead to be involved in swag projects. It’s actually driving me a little bit insane. I’ve tried to quit making WordPress swag but I can’t. There is just something about making swag, there is just something about the WordPress brand that makes me want to make swag. Maybe it’s arrogance but I honestly believe that I could drive more revenue to with a 100k swag spend than someone else could do a 10 million dollar ad spend. I don’t just want to make swag for fun. I want to bring WordPress to 51% with swag. I want to double Automattic’s revenue with swag. I want to make wapuu as famous as hello kitty with swag. I know this is likely never going to happen but a guy can dream can’t he 🙂 .

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