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This past week I became obsessed with buying a Surface Pro 4, I’m mean obsessed. I looked at all the reviews, spent hours on reddit and finally went to Best Buy to pull the trigger. I heard all the things about bad build quality and such but I didn’t care, I wanted one.

When I got to Best Buy they had two demo units set up. The first one wouldn’t turn on. I messed with it for a bit and finally it did turn on. Once it booted up I noticed it had a busted screen. I knew that was a possibility so I moved on to the next one. This one also had a busted screen. So in the store they had no working Surface Pro 4s. There was no way I was going to buy one now. Even in my obsessed state buying something where every single demo model was busted seemed insane.

I’ve been to Best Buy several times since then and they still haven’t replaced the demo units with working ones. That amazes me. Doesn’t that store have managers. Not only is it a bad reflection of Microsoft but it makes Best Buy look like a bunch of idiots. If I ran a store I would make sure that everyone’s first impression was a good one. Making sure that all the demo products work seems like the least they could do, to me that just makes sense.

For me it’s the same thing for web companies. If your potential user’s first impression is bad I don’t think they are ever coming back. This is especially true for your marketing sites/emails/swag because that is most people’s first impression of your product. Just keep that in mind.

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