My First WooCommerce Extension

Ecommerce fascinates me. For me the best way to master something is immersion. Look back at this blog you’ll see how obsessed I can get 🙂 . When it came to WooCommerce just setting up a store wasn’t enough, I wanted to make extensions and themes and get into the mindset of a WooCommerce user.

I was recently messing around with a WordPress store concept and the theme I used had a really neat feature to add sizing charts. I like the concept but the implementation wasn’t that great. It gave people too many options and wasn’t all that intuitive. I knew I could do it better. I’ll admit I was a bit nervous. I use to write code on a daily basis but that was years ago. But I decided to just dive in head first and see what happened. A big thanks goes out to Hugh. I put out the call for help on twitter and the code he gave me was perfect.

So this concept isn’t unique, the code isn’t revolutionary. There are a few extensions that do similar things. However, where I think my extension shines is in it’s approach. Basically there is a metabox added to all products. There you can upload a sizing chart image or select one from your image library. If there is an image set on your product than a link is added on the frontend. When users click on that link a sizing chart is opened up in a lightbox. That’s it. You just set the image and it’s done.

At my company, PoolParty, I want to focus on microextensions. Extensions the only do one thing and do it in the simplest way possible. I’m basically building the extensions that I would want. I’m going to be putting them for sale for $5 each (I’m a businessman after all) and we’ll see what happens. Maybe no one will buy them but I don’t really care. I’m building extensions for me and if other people want them that’s great. My second extension came out of building the site to sell my first extension and I imagine all my other ones will have similar origin stories.

Above is a short video of it in action. I know I shouldn’t have included copyrighted music but if Drake wants to sue me that’s great as I’ve been looking for an opportunity to dust off my law degree anyway.

Edit: I guess I’m not allowed to do this so I’m giving the company to my brother.

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