Making a name for myself in swag

I’ve been looking for some new projects for 2016 and I came to the conclusion that between my personal swag projects and the few things I do at work it’s not enough to keep me busy. So I had this crazy idea to start my own side swag consulting business. Without coming off too arrogant I think I’m the greatest living swag master. Problem is I’m the only person who thinks that. What I want to do is show people that I have skills to back up my outrageous claims.

The easiest way to prove that my skills are legit is to get people to pay for the use of those skills. People aren’t going to hire someone to consult who isn’t talented. I made sure this was alright with the legal team at Automattic and they said it would be ok as long as it doesn’t take up too much of my time. It think it will be fun and I look forward to the opportunity to see if I’m just a one hit wonder or if I’m as fantastic as I think I am.

If you are in the market for some swag help head on over to swag incorporated after the holidays and I’ll have some information up on the services I’ll offer and the prices I’m charging.

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