wapuu iPhone case concept

You know I love wapuu and it kills me when bad things happen to him. The worst crime against wapuu in 2015 was this iPhone case. It’s awful, boring, and terrible. The final straw for me was when I saw Matt using it. The co-founder of WordPress deserves a better wapuu case. So I’ve been experimenting all year. See my previous attempts here, here, here, here and here.

Here I am with another concept. This one I think is the best yet. I’ve decided that patterns make the best iPhone cases. They are simple but yet a bit complex and no matter how you hold your phone you can still see how cool it is. I asked my wapuu illustrator to help me come up with a really neat wapuu based pattern. I decided to go with the OG wapuu design as he doesn’t get as much love from me. So what do you think? I’m getting a sample made today (with the matte finish that I love) so keep an eye out for a IG pic of the design in physical form.

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