Perfect WordPress themed Christmas Gifts


Earlier this year I tried to sell some WordPress based merchandise. While it wasn’t technically a success, it enabled me to try some things I had wanted to for a while (which I enjoyed). The only problem is I was left with a bunch of unsold inventory that I really need to get rid of. So that’s what I’m trying to do today.

2015-11-21 09.57.24

What I have left is 10 high quality hats (made by the fine folks at Ebbets) and 30 accessories pouches (hand made in Portland by Spooltown). I’m also throwing in 15 of my Code Deploy Bail patches. These 40 items cost me over $500 (hats are $25 each and pouches are $10 each). I’m willing to sell you the entire lot for $300 (that’s 40% below my cost), I’ll even cover the shipping. These items make perfect gifts for the WordPress people in your life. They are also collector’s items and will never be made again.

If you do buy it the $300 is going into my wapuu design fund. I’m hoping to turn out some amazing wapuu gear in 2016.

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