WordPress Event site

I really think we need a dedicated events site. I think it super important that we control the message a bit more. Pointing someone to Jetpack.com or WordPress.com without any event specific context seems like a massive missed opportunity. Every event should have an event specific url like events.wordpress.com/namm16 that every single web ad and marketing material points to. The site should also be on WordPress.com not Automattic.com (as I’ve pointed out in a previous blog post I think that before Automattic should be an invisible brand).

This way we can control the message. If you know the majority users are bloggers than the event site would talk about the blogging specific features of WP.com or Jetpack. If you are at a travel bloggers conference you can feature some important travel bloggers who are on WordPress.com. You could tailor the message to your audience, otherwise you are missing a great opportunity. You also would get some really great tracking this way. Sometimes you spend a bunch of money but don’t really know if you are accomplishing your goals. With this site you have another metric to look at and everyone loves more data.

Also wouldn’t it be amazing for an attendee to after an event to search for “WordPress events” and pull up a site that actually has information about our presence at the event they attended. I believe there is a longtail to these events that we are missing out on. Attendees might also want to seek us out and it would be great if they could head on over to events.wordpress.com and see all the events we are attending.

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