Shopify Story

I don’t read that many blogs but today something popped up in my twitter stream that I really enjoyed. It was a story by Tucker Schreiber on how he landed a job on Shopify’s growth team. It found it fascinating. Basically Tucker had a side project selling flavored coffee and through that side project he developed a new skill set. Basically he used unconventional ideas to grow his business very quickly. Not only did the higher ups at the company find out about that skill set but they recognized that his new skill set would be beneficial to the company and they put him in a role that allowed him to maximize that new skill set.

It didn’t matter that the kid was only 20 years old, it didn’t matter that he didn’t study marketing in school, it didn’t even matter than his current role was doing customer support. None of that mattered to them, they offered him a position on the growth team because they knew from his side projects that he would be great at it. The post was written a year after the switch and and looks like Tucker is doing great.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a story like this before. I don’t think most companies work like this. Maybe this is an isolated incident but if Shopify makes things like this a habit I’m not surprised they are killing it in the ecommerce space.

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