Just doing shit

I was doing tickets today and I had to head on over to the Akismet docs site and it brought back memories of weekend I created it.

One thing you have to understand is when I have an idea that I think needs to be happen nothing will usually stop me from making it happen. About three years ago when I first started working on Akismet I was surprised to find out that we didn’t have any docs. We had a few things on the contact form and some predefs but nothing in the way of support docs. I found that really strange and suggested that we create something. I don’t remember exactly what happened but it soon became apparent that it wasn’t going to get prioritized anytime soon.

I was bored one Saturday night so I just built it. It’s nothing special, just a regular WordPress.com site that I added some custom CSS to make it look like the regular site. I used the list pages shortcode to generate the front page and wrote up all the docs based on the issues I saw coming up all the time. Today that site is getting over 5k views a week and is something I’m proud to have brought into the world.

So keep in mind that if you say worry about it later to something but I can do it myself I probably will 🙂 .

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