Swag Legacy

One thing I think quite a bit about is what would happen to the swag game if moved on to other things and wasn’t around anymore. No one is as crazy about it as me and I kinda worry about what would happen. I’m sure to most people it’s the least important thing but I honestly believe that swag plays a big part in well rounded marketing plan and is essential to keeping employees happy.

I’ve been looking for projects to tackle over Christmas break and thought it might be fun to write down all of my crazy ideas in one place. That way once I’m gone there will still be a river of ideas to put from until someone takes up the mantle. There is nothing more fun for me than coming up with new ideas. I registered swaglegacy.com today and if someday there comes a point where I disappear from the WordPress swag scene head on over there for some inspiration 🙂 .

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