I’m always looking for ways to keep busy, so far I’ve been unsuccessful. I think my main trouble is I’ve always attempted things that required too much money or depended on too many other people. So I’ve come up with a new idea. People who know me know that I’m pretty opinionated. I can’t help it. I have an iterative mind. Whenever I look at something my mind instantly starts thinking of how I would improve it.

What if I turned my OCD into a business. I’m going to start a business called, it’s basically my brand of unsolicited feedback but people will actually ask me for it. I’m going to focus on WooCommerce sites as ecommerce is what I’m really passionate about and I want to position myself as a Woo master.

So what will my service entail? I’m not going to give you SEO advice or check your code. Think of my service as asking your friend what he thinks of your site. But your friend is super knowledgeable and not afraid to hurt your feelings 🙂 . So basically I’ll look at your site as a whole and give you feedback. If your product descriptions suck I’ll tell you. If I think your categorization is crap don’t worry I’ll let you know. I’m basically going to answer the question what would nick do (WWND) with your site.

I’m going to charge a flat rate of $39 per site. You gotta charge something as people don’t trust free things. But I’ll also offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t think what I’ve recommended was worth the fee. I don’t expect to make all that much money but what I really want to do is meet a bunch of really passionate people doing super fun stuff.

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