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I think I’ve been pretty transparent in my desire to pursue swag based marketing full time. With the utmost humility I can honestly say that I believe that I’m the greatest living swag maker 🙂 . Someday I will pursue marketing/swag making full time and I want to prepare for that day by creating an entity to showcase my skills. I’ve done that a little bit with my blog and other sites but I needed something a bit more formal.

So I created Swag Incorporated. The name pays homage to one of my favorite tv shows Scooby Doo and their company Mystery Incorporated. I’m having a really neat sticker design done up right now along that same line. I’ve decided that I can’t wait around to make amazing swag, so now whenever I have an idea I’m just going to do it myself, no waiting for official support. SI is where I’ll show off all the items I’m really proud of and blog about things I’m really excited about.

The site itself is built with layers by my friends over at Obox. I’ve been using it for a while but didn’t really come to understand how powerful it was until I used it for a real project. If you are looking for a really awesome site building experience you should really check it out.

But anyway please check out the site if you are interesting in swag based marketing or if you just like seeing really cool shit.

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