Jetpack pitch

I often get bored and need to find ways to amuse myself. Today I was looking at the Jetpack marketing copy that we give to WordCamps and decided to take a stab at it “improving” it.

Here is the current wording:

Jetpack is a free WordPress plugin that simplifies managing your sites by connecting to This connection enables Photon (global CDN for images), uptime monitoring, brute force protection, traffic-boosting tools, single sign on, multiple site management, and automatic or bulk plugin updates. Additionally Jetpack includes several features that help you customize the look-and-feel of your site without needing extra plugins. More information can be found at

The current wording isn’t bad, it just really doesn’t speak to me. I think it focuses too much on the features, which are called things that no one really understands. I would focus more on what it can do for the users and less on the individual features. For me the only thing that I really care about is time, that’s the only thing that I can never have enough of. With that it mind, I came up with this.

Time, the One thing there is never enough of. Simplify your life, TAKE BACK SOME OF THAT WASTED TIME WITH JETPACK. From our powerful sharing tools that allow you to Spend less time getting your message out. To our advanced site management features (powered by that free you up to work on more important things. Even Security, which can be complex & time consuming, is no problem with Jetpack. rest easy knowing that your site is protected by our state-of-the-art security tools.

Take your life back today at

Edit: I’m not suggesting we use this for WordCamps due to the restrictions. The WordCamp sites was just where I found the above information. I’m more concerned with non-WordCamp events, events without restrictions 🙂 .

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