WordPress Guitar Picks

For summer NAMM we did some WordPress guitar picks. They turned out pretty good but I think we can do better. What bothered me the most is the picks were all the same thickness. Now I don’t play the guitar but when I started making custom picks a few years ago I discovered that the color of the pick corresponded it’s thickness. By ordering all picks of the same thickness you are turning the pick from something useful into something promotional. I would love it if the musicians actually used the picks and left them in places all over the world.

I also like doing picks in various sizes as that means various colors which is more visually appealing. I’ve looked through 1000’s of pictures from last year’s NAMM and the most impressive displays were picks in a bunch of different colors separated by color. We also only had the logo on them which I felt wasn’t the best. If you are a WordPress fan you know what the logo is but most people there have no clue what WordPress is and without a url or something to remind them they are likely to never figure it out. I would also like the use the simplified logo. The double ringed logo didn’t look good on that small space. What we need now is something simple and clean.

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