WooCommerce Sticker Concept

Right now the WooCommerce stickers are cute little animals with the WooCommerce logo underneath. They aren’t bad, they are well designed and very cute. I’m so happy they aren’t just boring logo based stickers. Unfortunately, I think they have very limited marketing value. Giving them out doesn’t really help advance any of our company goals.

You are probably wondering why I feel that way? I feel that any piece of swag should communicate what the company does either through it’s imagery or words. If I let you look at one of these stickers for 2 seconds could you tell me what the company does. If you caught the small logo on the bottom the word “commerce” might give it away but the animals just don’t.

What I would like to see is something that invokes feelings of ecommerce. I would also like to do something that allows for easy variations. I’m also not a fan of blanket swag, swag that you bring to every event regardless of what the event is about. That’s just lazy, you are spending a bunch of cash to be there why not put in the extra effort. People notice these details.

Above is a crude mockup of what I was thinking. I really wanted to use a bag instead of the shopping cart but the bag looked too much like what Shopify is doing. I think with something like this you know exactly what WooCommerce does. You can also easily make event specific variations by just changing what is in the shopping cart. If we are going to a NAMM fill it with musical instruments or if we are going to the 2016 SwagConf (my conference) we’ll fill it full of t-shirts.

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