Jetpack Experiment

There’s something I’ve always wanted to try with Jetpack. So let’s get real for a second, 37 modules is nuts, absolutely nuts. No, don’t get me wrong I don’t think there is too much functionality, I just think the way we grouped things/set up modules isn’t working nor is it sustainable.

So how do I propose to fix it? Well, let me tell you. We need to redo all the modules. There is no reason why there needs to be a Publicize, Sharing, and Likes modules. We should just have a “Suped up Sharing” module that contains all three. They all serve a similar purpose, letting people know about your content, what’s the point of them being separate.

Let me make this clear, I’m not talking about grouping modules all 37 modules into module groups. That wouldn’t solve anything. I’m talking about merging features into brand new modules based on what area they broadly effect. I want one toggle for each module below. If they don’t want to use a particular feature they just don’t have to use but it will still be active. Some people want pinpoint control over every Jetpack feature but those people you’ll never make happy anyway. The majority of the people just want to set it and forget it. The easier you make it for them the better the chance they’ll actually use it. We can’t deliver on our promise of simplifying WordPress without first simplifying ourselves.

  • Suped up Sharing: Sharing, Likes, Publicize, Subscriptions
  • Editor Enhancer: Beautiful Math, Shortcode Embeds, Post by Email, Shortlinks, VideoPress, Contact Form, Markdown, Spelling and Grammar, Related Posts
  • Image Improver: Tiled Galleries, Carousel, Photon
  • Worthier Widgets: Widget Visibility, Extra Sidebar Widgets
  • Better Backend: JSON API, Enhanced Distribution
  • Fantastic Frontend: Gravatar Hovercards, Comments, Infinite Scroll, Mobile Theme
  • Crazy Control: Custom CSS, Custom Content Types
  • Advanced Administration:┬áNotifications, Single Sign On, Site Verification, Omnisearch, Site Stats,┬áMonitor
  • Superior Security: Protect, VaultPress
  • Daring Dotcom: Manage

Now have ten modules. Ten is totally manageable, ten makes sense. No one is going to accuse a ten module plugin of being bloated. How many users are going to get overwhelmed by a ten module plugin? Part of the WordPress philosophy is decisions, not options. Here you replace 37 options with 10 easy decisions. Let’s try to get more out of WordPress by doing less.

4 thoughts on “Jetpack Experiment

  1. Sounds good. My biggest problem with Jetpack is that I love likes but it seems to conflict with various plugins from to time so rather than the perpetual ‘loading’ of the like button I disable plugins.

  2. Interesting. But you still be able to turn off individual options? Let say I only want to use Photon from the Image Improver module, will all options come on? Will having all options slow my blog down?

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