WordPress 10th Anniversary Shirts

I was bored today so I started looking at the #WordPress tag on Instagram. What I found was people from all over world who were very happy to receive their 10th Anniversary shirts. I really love this so I thought I would share the photos I found.

[instagram url=”http://instagram.com/p/ZQjRfyn6T2/” width=”150″]
[instagram url=”http://instagram.com/p/ZMHucKDYXW/” width=”150″]
[instagram url=”http://instagram.com/p/ZLKmjDCAC9/” width=”150″]
[instagram url=”http://instagram.com/p/ZK13XLM4lO/” width=”150″]
[instagram url=”http://instagram.com/p/ZBq74FHAiB/” width=”150″]
[instagram url=”http://instagram.com/p/Y_BedjuKct/” width=”150″]
[instagram url=”http://instagram.com/p/ZGl1KPsLzj/” width=”150″]
[instagram url=”http://instagram.com/p/Y3H6eljs3c/” width=”150″]

P.S. I had no idea we supported Instagram embeds on WordPress.com until just a minute ago when I added an Instagram URL and an image appeared. Its a pretty neat feature.

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