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For some odd reason I am obsessed with the contextual help menus (which is why I am really excited for this trac ticket). While the help content is steller and I love that every WordPress screen has it, I think in a few areas the content could be written a bit clearer. I am not expert in English by any means but I wanted to try to rewrite a few screens to see how it could be made easier to read. Here is my first attempt. This is the rewritten help info from the update page.

This screen allows you update your WordPress installation as well as your themes and plugins from the WordPress.org repository. For security reasons it is very important to keep your WordPress installation, themes, and plugins up to date. When updates are available, the number of available updates will appear in a bubble on the left hand menu.

Updating your WordPress installation is a simple one-click procedure; just click on the Update button when a new version is available. To update themes or plugins, use the checkboxes to make your selection and click on the appropriate Update button. If you want to update all your themes or plugins you can check the Select All box to select them all and update them all at once.

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