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I have an interest in the area of trademark law and as you also know I am obsessed with WordPress so I thought that I would take a look at the WordPress trademarks and how they are being used.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has a really nice online search system for looking up registered trademarks so I pulled the latest data for the two WordPress related trademarks and posted them below. I find these documents very interesting (especially the screen captures of the WordPress.org site around the time of WordPress 2.0), but some of you may question my sanity after going through them, but they are here if you want to take a look.

WordPress Trademark — pdf
WordPress Logo Trademark — pdf

It really bothers me when I see WordPress ccTLD’s (country code top-level domain) being used by spammers or trying to be sold. Automattic is probably aware of these but it probably is pretty difficult to go after these guys. Below I am compiling a list of all the ccTLD’s using “WordPress” and what they are being used for. This list will continue to evolve as I do more research.

ccTLD’s Owned by Automattic

  • WordPress.asia (points to zh.WordPress.com)
  • WordPress.cc (points to WordPress.com)
  • WordPress.ch (points to WordPress.org)
  • WordPress.co (points to WordPress.co)
  • WordPress.co.uk (points to WordPress.org)
  • WordPress.de (points to de.WordPress.com)
  • WordPress.hn (points to WordPress.com)
  • WordPress.in (points to Indian language version of WordPress.com)
  • WordPress.me (owned but not pointing anywhere)
  • WordPress.me.uk (points to WordPress.org)
  • WordPress.mobi (points to WordPress.org/extend/mobile)
  • WordPress.net (points to WordPress.org)
  • WordPress.name (points to WordPress.com)
  • WordPress.org.uk (points to WordPress.org)
  • WordPress.pt (points to pt.WordPress.com)
  • WordPress.sc (points to WordPress.com)
  • WordPress.tl (points to WordPress.com)
  • WordPress.us (points to WordPress.com)
  • WordPress.vc (points to WordPress.com)

ccTLD’s Not Owned by Automattic
This list is by no means exhaustive but I hope it gives you an idea on how many ccTLD’s are owned by someone outside Automattic (WordPress Foundation). 

  • WordPress.am (for sale on Sedo)
  • WordPress.at (junk site)*
  • WordPress.be (points to some guys personal site)
  • WordPress.biz (some business that also is called WordPress)
  • WordPress.bz (junk site)
  • WordPress.cat (registered but no site)
  • WordPress.cn (for sale by owner)
  • WordPress.cn.com (registered but no site)
  • WordPress.cx (registered but no site)
  • WordPress.cz (points to a webhosting company pueblo.cz)
  • WordPress.de.com (for sale on Sedo)
  • WordPress.es (registered but no site)
  • WordPress.eu (for sale on Sedo)
  • WordPress.fm (parked)
  • WordPress.gd (registered but no site)
  • WordPress.hk (registered but no site)
  • WordPress.im (junk site)
  • WordPress.info (registered but no site)
  • WordPress.io (junk site)
  • WordPress.it (has junk webhosting info)
  • WordPress.jp (registered but no site)
  • WordPress.la (junk site)
  • WordPress.li (junk site)
  • WordPress.mn (registered but no site)
  • WordPress.ms (junk site)
  • WordPress.mx (registered but no site)
  • WordPress.nu (registered but no site)
  • WordPress.nl (registered but no site)
  • WordPress.pe (junk site)
  • WordPress.pl (registered but no site)
  • WordPress.pro (developer site)
  • WordPress.ru (junk site)
  • WordPress.sb (registered but no site)
  • WordPress.se (registered but no site)
  • WordPress.so (junk site)
  • WordPress.tc (registered but no site)
  • WordPress.tel (junk site)
  • WordPress.tw (registered but no site)
  • WordPress.uk.com (registered but no site)
  • WordPress.vg (junk site)
  • WordPress.ws (junk site)

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