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The WordPress.com store is where you can purchase add-ons for the WP.com blog. My mother is a teacher and she has a WordPress site for her classes. Unfortunately for her I am hosting it on my VPS and I like to tinker, which has caused her some downtime in the past. So I decided to get mom her own hosting account free from my tinkering. My first stop was of course WP.com. I started comparing WP.com to other services such as page.ly and Zippy Kid. The problem is those services have a monthly price while WordPress.com uses a yearly price. That’s fine I can do the math, no big deal. But what it did find odd was the inclusion of the daily price. To me, the daily price seems sort of useless. I think for people who are trying to choose between different services it would make more sense to give the yearly price and the monthly price as opposed to a daily price.

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