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I have been very inactive on the web lately and I place the blame squarely on one person, Andy Clarke.  Not only did he write a book that is chalked full of wonderful information that I never knew about, he went and made it so wonderfully addictive that I cannot put it down.  I am shaking like a crack addict until classes are over so I can go home and read some more.  The day it came out I pressed the refresh button for three straight class periods until I was able to buy it.  So before you read any further just make sure you know what you are getting into.  You have been warned.

Why do I like this Book?

1. The graphics: I have never seen a book that was so visually appealing.  The art is better than I’ve seen in some graphic novels.  The art makes it very enjoyable to read and is a real nice added touch.  You will be surprised how much attention was paid to little details in this book.  I guarantee you will never find someone who put so much effort into a programming book, heck any book.

2. The examples are beautiful: I admit I buy everything based on how it looks.  I went to buy a pack of DVD-Rs the other day and I bought the ones with the nicest package design even though there were others that were cheaper.  I always hated when I go to Barnes and Noble to look at the web design books only to discover that while the books have some good information in them, the finished examples were so ugly that I felt bad even looking at them.  In Hardboiled, every example is wonderful looking and makes me excited to try the techniques out on my own.  Many people would be hard pressed to have a nicer site than the one worked through in the Hardboiled examples.  I also love how he brings in real life examples, showing people who have done things no one ever would have thought possible only a few years ago.

3. I’m excited again: One of the best things about this book is it has made me excited again. For the last year and a half I have been doing mostly theme modifications.  While it helped keep me in frozen pizza and Red Bull, I lost a little bit of my soul on every job.  Everyone just wants to copy everyone else.  Now I am committed to making something that other people would want to copy.

4. Freshness: Most books you find in the bookstore are outdated once the hit the shelves.  It is due to this that I usually only buy magazines anymore.  Not only is Hardboiled not outdated, I would argue Hardboiled is a book before its time.  The book contains cutting edge examples that pushes the boundaries of what we believe is possible.  Now, I am going to try and break out of my little box and become an innovator instead of an imitator.

With all that said go out and buy the book, unless you don’t want your mind blown.  Wait what I am doing, why I am writing this blog post, I should be reading the rest of the book (I am only 3/4 the way through).

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