WordPress Event site

I really think we need a dedicated events site. I think it super important that we control the message a bit more. Pointing someone to Jetpack.com or WordPress.com without any event specific context seems like […]

Shopify Story

I don’t read that many blogs but today something popped up in my twitter stream that I really enjoyed. It was a story by Tucker Schreiber on how he landed a job on Shopify’s growth […]

Just doing shit

I was doing tickets today and I had to head on over to the Akismet docs site and it brought back memories of weekend I created it. One thing you have to understand is when […]


I’m always looking for ways to keep busy, so far I’ve been unsuccessful. I think my main trouble is I’ve always attempted things that required too much money or depended on too many other people. […]

Swag Legacy

One thing I think quite a bit about is what would happen to the swag game if moved on to other things and wasn’t around anymore. No one is as crazy about it as me […]

Jetpack Experiment

There’s something I’ve always wanted to try with Jetpack. So let’s get real for a second, 37 modules is nuts, absolutely nuts. No, don’t get me wrong I don’t think there is too much functionality, […]