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Most WordPress swag isn’t kid friendly. t-shirts don’t come in kids sizes and kids don’t drink coffee. I was thinking it might be neat to make some WordPress coloring books as something that younger kids can do/get at WordCamps. What do you think?


Some people think of a vacation as a time to unplug & do nothing. I recharge my batteries in a different way. For my vacation this past week I worked way more that I usually do. I frequently stayed up way too late and woke up way too early and I throughly enjoyed every single minute of it :) .

I love being busy and tackling new projects. This past week I created new t-shirt designs, typeset menus, set up a Square based POS system for my dad, pick/printed/shipped t-shirt orders for my brother, set up websites, set up & ran Facebook ad campaigns and much much more.

It so fun to do something new everyday, something that the people who asked you to do it felt that you were uniquely qualified to do it. Its exciting to have so much to do that you don’t want to go to sleep at night and you can’t wait to wake up in the morning.

I really want to get a fantastic WordPress poster(s) made and I need your help. I’ve been try unsuccessfully to get the designers I know to make a WordPress themed poster and I want to see it made so badly I’m dipping into my savings and will try going the paid route.

Ever since I saw the Wooville poster back in 2011 (which I asked for the design files and then printed/hung it up in my office) I’ve thought the WordPress community really needed some awesome posters. Posters that illustrate what we believe in and something to show off our strong sense of community.

What I need from you is recommendations on who to hire (keep in mind I’m still paying off law school so my budget isn’t huge) or if you are designer shoot me a price and lets get this started.