constraints breed creativity

During this year’s grand meetup I heard a flash talk that featured one of my favorite artists Jack White. In the talk it was mentioned that Jack White believes that constraints breed creativity. I found this concept to be pretty interesting:

I’ll admit that sometimes I feel that while my swag is pretty good I could make it better if I had increased financial/design support. What if I didn’t have to rely on whatever disposable income I had that month or the few minutes of time I could beg or borrow from a designer. Could you imagine how much better my swag could be?

But now that I think about it, the constraints that I’m working under have actually made my swag better. I’m driven to create things that no one has ever seen before. A drive born partly out a desire to show people what I’m capable of with limited resources, hard work, and a bit of creativity. I have to be smarter about what I try. I need to design twice and print once. I’ve had things I wanted to make that took skills I didn’t have, so I learned those skills. So all in all I guess constraints aren’t that bad.