We are WordPress

There is something I’ve always wanted to do at an event. I want to set up a giant cork board and bring a bunch of instant cameras and film. Then at the event when people come for help at the Happiness Bar I think it would be really neat to take their picture, write down where they are from underneath it and put it on the cork board under a banner that says “We are WordPress”.

For me, WordPress has always been about the community and I don’t think we do enough at events to recognize people for being part of this community nor promote the WordPress community itself. So I think with this idea you can let people know that everyone who uses WordPress is part of this global community and at the same time let people who about the more formal aspects of the WordPress community like WordCamps, meetups, make.wordpress.org, etc.

Reactions to “What is WordPress?”

So the other day I was bored so I went on fiverr.com. For $5 this guy will go up to random people in LA and ask them whatever you want. I thought it would be fun to have him ask “What is WordPress” and below is the result. I’m thinking about doing it again but this time having him ask 10 people at four different locations for $40.