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Something recently reminded me of attending WordCamp San Francisco 2011. I haven’t been able to attend it for a few years but one of my favorite memories was working the swag table. Now that I think about it, that was my first interaction with swag. That is probably where my disease began. I didn’t want to leave, I actually skipped most of the sessions so I could have more time at the swag table. I’m not sure if things have changed but back in the day it was just some tables with swag on it and boxes behind it.

I would love to see a popup WordPress store at WCSF. I’m talking about shelves, clothing racks, Square stand for taking payments, the whole nine yards. Make it look like an actual store, something of a cross between the Apple Store and Old Navy. It would be neat too if some products were created that were exclusive to the physical WordPress Store. Something like how the Rolling Record Store is run. You could also make some WordPress polos to wear and name tags that say “Welcome to the WordPress Store”. I think it would be really fun and wouldn’t even be that expensive to do.

Most WordPress swag isn’t kid friendly. t-shirts don’t come in kids sizes and kids don’t drink coffee. I was thinking it might be neat to make some WordPress coloring books as something that younger kids can do/get at WordCamps. What do you think?