Jetpack Shirt Concept

I think we spend way too much time worrying about the haters, the people who think Jetpack is bloated. I don’t think that’s the opinion of the majority of the users. Its just some devs with way too much time on their hands.

What I think we need to do is turn this perceived negative into a positive. Jetpack’s problem is not that it has too many features, that’s what makes Jetpack great. Let’s not downplay the issue, let’s own it.

So with that in mind I came up with this shirt concept. It basically showcases every module we currently have. Remember I’m not a designer, so look at the overall idea and not my poor execution :) .


Getting into Comics

I’ve finally decided on my Winter/Spring 2015 hobby, comic books. I was at an Akismet meetup this past week and after talking a bit with Anthony (who is into them) I decided to give it a try. I’m really excited about it and I’ve already bought a couple of books. Not only should they be fun to read but the art should also serve as inspiration for my swag projects. I’ve already found some really neat cover art that is getting my creative juices flowing. Keep an eye on this blog to see some of my finds.