Unfinished Work No More

I have a habit of creating blog posts and then stopping half way through. Not anymore. Michelle Weber has agreed to publish daily any drafts I leave unpublished along with some comments of her own. So if you see something crazy at the end of my posts I haven’t lost my mind I just got lazy and Michelle called me on it. If this works well might have to consider adding this service to the Pro bundle.

Dan Hauk Retrospective: The Akismet Years Part One

I meet Dan for the first time while at the Akismet meetup in Hawaii. I won’t lie I had an agenda with Dan. I wanted him to help me with swag. I have access to equipment, passion, and lots of free time but want I’m missing is design talent. I had tried the year before to convince the other designers that swag was fun but they didn’t believe me. So when I found a designer who didn’t know to stay away from me I knew I had to convince him that swag is awesome.

For a while I had been obsessed with wapuu and I knew that any successful swag campaign needed a mascot. While in Hawaii we kept seeing chickens everywhere so I suggested we just create the Akismet Chicken. It was totally ridiculous but I think it illustrated that swag can be fun.

It led to me creating the last few pieces from the swag dark ages (ie pre-dan):


The first project we wanted to tackle was custom Akismet jackets. While in Hawaii we hung out with the Ops team and we pretty jealous of their custom jackets. So while there Bubel closed a big deal and we referred to jacket money.

At the conclusion of the meetup I promised Dan I would give me a few days before bothering him again. I’ve learned in the past that my enthusiasm can be off putting.

More in Part Two…..

But to my surprise he sent me this sketch of a flying fish:


I don’t know if he’s crazy or a genius, but our new line of Akismet tropical fish habitats comes out on November 1st. Get ready.

*This Tropical Two-winged Flying Fish sketch by is actually by IrishErlina.


Custom WordPress Voicemail Message

This morning I watched a clip from last night’s Tonight Show and on it Jimmy had Sting sing a custom outgoing voicemail message on to one lucky audience member’s phone. I was so neat and fun.

It got me thinking. What if in exchange for a small donation to the WordPress Foundation you could get a Core Contributor on your voicemail. A fully custom message would be too much but they could prerecord a few different fun WordPress related messages that could then be added as your outgoing message. Wouldn’t that be fun? Someone please make it happen.

Translating Swag

Currently, most of the WordPress shirts in the swag store are pretty minimalistic. I’ve always thought it be fun would to create a WordPress shirt design that was a bit more complex, and actually had some text on it. Once this design was created it would be really fun to translate the text of that shirt into a ton of different languages (based off the languages with the most WordPress installs). Our current swag doesn’t really do anything to really demonstrate how diverse of a userbase WordPress has and I think it would be neat if it actually did.