I’m gonna be upfront, my swag ambitions are pretty high. While its fun making neat things for myself and occasionally a co-worker or two thats just the first step. I wanna be able turn on the TV and see a guest on Jimmy Fallon playing box of lies in a WordPress shirt or go to a concert and see the drummer wearing a WordPress hoodie. I don’t think its all that farfetched. Its gonna take two things innovative designs and proper placement. Right now our swag is localized in a very small area. Unless you are intimately familiar with the WordPress community you won’t know how to find it. What WordPress swag needs is some high quality collaborations.

Look at the STARTER BLACK LABEL X JOHNNY CUPCAKES line or the VANS X STÜSSY. People love seeing great brands and high quality manufactures get together and make something amazing. Collaboration allows you to bring out the best version of yourself, and make things you couldn’t have done alone. I think all WordPress needs is one really great collaboration and things will never be the same.

Last night I couldn’t sleep so I rented A Brony Tale. I found the documentary to be pretty good. It seems like the bronies have built a pretty neat community for themselves and I’ll admit I’m gonna try watching the first few episodes of the series to see what I think. You should check the film out if you get a chance, its pretty interesting.

While I was watching it two thoughts kept popping into my head.

1. The WordPress community needs a WordCamp documentary.
2. I can’t believe that the bronies have better swag than the WordPress community.