Two Weeks into Comic Books

So I’m sitting here writing this blog post after getting back from the comic book store. My new hobby has a few different legs. The first one is vintage comics. I like the vintage comics because they are cheap and I can buy them on Ebay. There is also a great variety of art styles that I can use for inspiration for my swag projects. So far I’ve found alot of great stuff on Ebay and I’ve spent very little. The most I’ve spent on a comic is $3.00, most cost around $1.25.

The second leg involves buying new comics of ongoing series. I do this for one main reason, I want to get out of the house and hangout/talk with people about comics. I’ve gone to the local comic book store for the past few weeks and I’m going to continue to go every Friday. So far I’ve started reading Star Wars, Transformers vs. GI Joe and Afterlife with Archie. I’m going to throw a few more series into the mix to ensure there is something new to buy every week.

This weekend I’m looking into a third leg, Marvel Unlimited. While I really want to own physical copies I’ve discovered that I need/want to read alot of comics. The best way to read alot of comics is by signing up for an all you can read subscription service like Marvel Unlimited.

Akismet x Doritos

I couldn’t sleep last night so I was watching Wayne’s World and one thing I noticed is how much I really like the 80’s style logos. The Doritos logo in particular really resonated with me.

Doritos Logo

So I thought it would be fun to do an Akismet parody of it. It could have turned out better but I didn’t feel like buying a font for a spur of the moment personal project. I think it would be fun do a series of throwback product parodies so I might keep this up.